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Fine butcher meats in Johnson, NE

Fine cuts at fair prices
At Pelican's Meat Processing, we pride ourselves on producing an excellent selection of slaughter and process butcher meats in Johnson, NE. We cover everything from beef, pork, deer, buffalo and process meats like hamburger, sausage and jerky.

Our professional and welcoming team will talk you through our range, helping handpick the right meats for you, your family or your business. 


We offer a wide selection of butcher meats including quality beef cuts, including rib eye, sirloin, beef ribs, rump, tenderloin, beef kebabs, hamburger, sausages and many more.

Just ask our experienced team in Johnson exactly what you're looking for, and we'll be able to provide you with our specialties. Each side of meat is individually graded, assuring a high standard across our range products. 
Johnson, NE's butcher meats team at work
Johnson, NE's butcher meats

Hogs & pork

We produce hog and pork, cut and prepared in many different ways, including chops, sausage, award winning bone-in hams & jerky.

We continue to try new and innovative ways at doing our job and presenting meats. Just ask us about our latest ideas! Our workers in Johnson are pros at their jobs, which means you'll see and taste the rewards of their craft. 

Deer & buffalo

At Pelican's Meat Processing, we cover many different types of butcher meats. Our range of deer and buffalo includes slaughter and processed varieties including links, steaks and much more.

Our meats are fully inspected before arriving at our butchers, passing safety and quality tests to ensure you only get the best. 
Our company facility


  • Skinning & Boning - $90.00
  • Grinding - $0.75
  • Caping - $45.00


  • Muscle Jerky - $5.00
  • Flat Jerky, Regular or Hillbilly - $3.25
  • Slim Jim, Habanero or BBQ - $3.25


  • Breakfast Sausage - $1.50
  • Mouth On Fire - $2.75
  • Polish Dogs - $2.75
  • Ring Bologna - $2.75
  • Smoked Link (30% Pork Added) - $2.75
  • Chili Dogs - $2.75
  • Summer Sausage - $2.75
  • Summer Sausage w/Cheese - $3.25
  • Summer Sausage w/cheese & pepper - $3.50
  • Cotto Salami - $2.75
  • Dried Round - $2.50
  • Polish Dogs w/cheese - $3.25
  • Polish Dogs w/ cheese & pepper - $3.50


  • Sweet Bourbon Marinade Ground with Burger - $1.50
  • Sriracha Sticks - $3.25


Hog Cutting Instructions

Pork chops how thick and how many in a package. 
We can also cure your loin which is called windsor chops.
We can make canadian bacon, boneless pork chops or loin roast bone in or bone out. 
We can also tenderize your lions and make cutlets out of them.

You will have two hams if you have a whole hog. We can cure them or leave them fresh. 
Then we will ask you if you want steaks or roast or we can cut both out of your cured or fresh ham. On occasion some people
leave their have whole or cut it in half if they are feeding a big group of people.

You will have two shoulders. This is where you have fresh shoulder steak and shoulder roasts. We can take the
bone out of it and cure it to make cottage bacon as well.  

Grinding is also an option for any cut of meat. Most people cure their bacon, you can also leave it as fresh
side bacon. We will want to know if you want it cured and how thick you want it sliced; thin, medium, or thick.

You will have four hocks from a whole hog. We can cure them for ham and bean soup, or trim them out for more 
sausage. Each hock weighs one and half to two pounds. You will have two packages of ribs if you want them. 

With the remaining meat, which is the trim we can do make several different things which there is an extra charge for.

Fresh Ground Pork no charge
Regular Seasoned Sausage stuffed in one pound packages .75 a pound
Smoked Link Sausage which is stuffed into a casing and run in the smoke house they look like a polish dog. $1.50 per pound
You may add cheese and pepper to the smoked link for an additional .50 per pound.
Breakfast Link this is a raw product that looks like little sizzlers. $1.50 per pound
Fresh Bratwurst is a product stuffed into a hog casing and is not cured or run in the smokehouse $1.50
Onion Patties are $1.50 per pound
Italian Sausage is stuffed into one pound packages.
Slaughter fee for hogs is $40.00 per head
Processing fee for hogs is .70 per pound

Beef Cutting Instructions

The following are some questions you will be asked when you are giving us your cutting instructions for a beef.
Steak options how thick and how many in a package.

Your steaks options are T-Bone or New York and Filets. New York and Filets are when the bone is cut out of the T-Bone steak.
There is also the sirloin butt. Your may cut this into steaks, or some people like sirloin roasts.

You will have a prime rib. You can cut steaks with the bone on and these are called rib steaks. When you take the bone out it is referred to
as rib eye steak. You can have prime ribs roasts, or leave it whole which on the average would be 12 to 16 pounds.

On the front of your beef you will have chuck and arm roast. If you save the nicest ones, you could have about 10 chuck roasts and 2 arm roast.
Flat iron steak or flat steak is an option with the front of the beef also.

From your hide you will have a round. The round you may tenderize into cubed steak, cut into round steaks, cut into swiss steaks, or rump roasts.

Short ribs will be an option. If you don't care for these, we can trim them out and grind with your burger. The same goes for soup bone and stew meat.

The is one brisket per side of beef. If left whole it is usually four to six pound. We can cut it in half or put it in your ground beef.

You will be asked if you want to wrap your liver, heart, tail, and tongue. We discard them if you don't want them.

We do make a variety of cured items for an extra charge.
Flat Strip Jerky $3.00 per pound
Slim Jim $3.00 per pound
BBQ Slim Jim $3.00 per pound
Whole Muscle Jerky $5.00 per pound
Polish Dogs $1.50 per pound
Ring Bologna $1.50 per pound
Summer Sausage plain or with cheese, or cheese and pepper $1.75-$2.25
Cotto Salami $1.50 per pound
Dried Beef $1.50 per pound

Retail Meat

  • Smoked Salmon $9.99 per pound, fan favorite
  • Ground Beef $3.89 per pound
  • Ground Beef Patties $4.39 per pound (1/3 pound burgers)
  • Sirloin Steak $7.59 per pound
  • Rib Eye $10.59 per pound
  • New York Strip $8.89 per pound
  • Chuck Roast $4.50 per pound
  • Tenderized Beef cubed steak $5.29 per pound
  • Round Roast $4.50 per pound
  • Beef Short Ribs $2.89 per pound
  • Shredded Beef $6.99 per pound
  • Stew Meat $4.74 per pound
  • Briskett $4.85 per pound
  • Pork Chops $2.89 per pound 1" and 1/2"
  • Pork Spare Ribs $2.39 
  • Cured Ham Steak and Ham Roast $3.99 per pound
  • Canadian Bacon $6.99 per pound
  • Windsor Chops $4.29 per pound
  • Seasoned Sausage $3.19
  • Fresh Ground Pork $2.99
  • Shredded Pork $5.29 per pound
  • Bacon $5.29 per pound
  • Pork Wings $25.00 per 3 pound bag (12 wings)
  • Fresh Bratwurst $5.29 per pound
  • Potato Sausage $5.89 per pound
  • Polish Sausage, Ring Bologna, Pepperoni, Andouille Sausage, Regular Summer Sausage $4.99 per pound
  • Cheese Summer Sausage $5.69 per pound
  • Cheese and Jalepeno Summer Sausage $5.89 per pound
  • Regular Slim Jim and BBQ Slim Jim $14.00 per pound
  • Flat Strip Jerky $14.00 per pound
  • Whole Muscle Jerky Regular and Sweet and Hot $20.00 per pound
  • Marinated chicken breasts $3.89 per pound
  • Teriyaki
  • Tomato Basil
  • BBQ
  • Mesquite
  • Caribbean
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Hot 
  • Raspberry Chipotle
We would be happy to attempt any requests you might have!
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